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Willamette Family has proudly served Lane County for over 50 years, providing detox and treatment for substance use disorders. Over the years our services have been enhanced to include Mental Health Treatment for adults and children, Primary Medical Care, parenting classes, Family Services, Peer Support Services, and a myriad of transitional services. These services are designed to assist the individual transition back into the community and to reunite with their families.

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"little things"

Published on November 28, 2016

Little family… little guidance
Ryland is a happy little boy who loves most to play, have fun, and be with his mom, Krista. Before Ryland was born, Krista struggled with an addiction to prescription pain pills. She knew she needed help to gain control over her life and overcome her disease. She knew it would not be easy, but she came to Willamette Family ready to begin the journey of becoming a healthy mother for her son.
Little kid… little steps
At fifteen months, Ryland is learning to walk, and his confidence grows everyday. He still stumbles every so often, but the falls only seem to make him more determined to get up and try again. These first steps are essential to his mental development; the confidence he develops every day will define his future. The same can be said for his mom, who takes a few more steps every day toward a life of recovery–and a better future for her little family.
Little help…. will go a long way
When Krista needed help, Willamette Family was there, supporting her through detox and treatment and advocating for her to be reunited with her son. She came to the right place–fewer than nine percent of addiction treatment programs nationally incorporate co-residency, parenting, and wraparound services that we offer. In Willamette Family’s Child Development Center, her son learns to interact with other children while Krista attends Intensive Day Treatment at our new Centennial location in Springfield. Thanks to the generosity of our community in providing support for these programs, two lives that were once headed down a dark path are filled with possibility.
Little support… big impact
Since the day she arrived at Willamette Family’s Buckley Detox Center, shaky from withdrawal and only focused on her next high, Krista’s transformation has been astonishing. She accepted the support offered to her, spending 90 days in residential treatment with her son before beginning Intensive Day Treatment. Today, she and Ryland are about to move into their new home. A confident young woman with a smile for just about everyone, Krista is looking forward to the holidays and starting new traditions with her little family and living a healthy and productive life with her son. The future is bright–Krista is currently exploring options of returning to school to pursue a Nursing Degree or a Degree in Family and Human Services.
Little love… is all they need
With your support, families like Krista and Ryland are able to stay together and lead safe and happy lives. Because of you Krista and Ryland feel loved, cared for, and “like they matter to the world.” We already know there are other families who will be helped by your endless generosity and kindness. On their behalf, we humbly ask for your continuous support so that we can help them take these important steps forward.
A little love and support can go a long way in making a difference in someone’s life. Thank you for all of the hope and support you provide to the families of your Willamette Family.

"Happy Holidays from Willamette Family's Child Development Center!

"A Mother's Tale"
Kimberly moved to Oregon in 2005 where she started working at a local fast food restaurant. During that time she met a man that would soon be the father of her child. After a few years of dating, Kimberly was introduced to meth and other substances. Kimberly and the man were homeless for over five years. In April of 2012 Kimberly found out she was three months pregnant. She gave birth to her son in October of 2012; he only weighed three and a half pounds. DHS took over custody of her son and denied Kimberly the right to see him. It wasn’t until DHS changed her son’s foster care status to adoption, did Kimberly realize she could lose him forever. In 2014 Kimberly attended treatment at Willamette Family’s Women’s residential program. There she learned how to live a sober life as well as good and effective parenting skills. Kimberly was assigned a Family Advocate through Willamette Family that helped her through the process of obtaining custody of her son. Kimberly is excited about the life she has chosen for herself and her son. Take a look at this video to get a glimpse of what motivates Kimberly every single day.

“Today, I am able to be a mother to my son, pay my bills, and be a clean and productive member of society. I am proud to be able to do service work and I go to meetings and have a sponsor. I have been clean since July 19, 2014. I never in my life thought I would see this.”     – Kimberly

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Announcement: Peer Support Training 2017

The next peer support training is scheduled to take place on January 23 (Monday) – 27 (Friday), 2017.

Upcoming Peer Support Training – January 23-27, 2017

Rotary Duck Race 2016 Awarded $40,000 to Willamette Family

The winners for the 2016 Great Rotary Raffle were announce on Friday October 14th at Sheppard Motors. Sheppard Motors kindly hosted the Great Rotary Raffle Celebration inside their dealership while the rain and wind stormed outside. Each one of the five recipient agencies were awarded $40,000 to help stop child abuse in Lane County. For the past 28 years, the Rotary Clubs of Lane County, local businesses, and likeminded individuals have raised over 5 million dollars to help prevent child abuse and neglect in our community. We at Willamette Family want to thank the Rotary Clubs of Lane County for letting us participate in the Great Rotary Raffle again this year. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, sold tickets, or spread the word about the Raffle. A special thanks to the Rotarians John Sather, Cynthia Kallunki, Corrine Koke, Jim McCarthy, Kim O’Brien, Aimee Walsh, and Ed Baker for supporting Willamette Family as well as all the agencies who participated in the Great Rotary Raffle of 2016. We are also thankful for the support KEZI provided to all of the agencies throughout the Great Rotary Raffle.

How the $40,000 is being used:

Willamette Family is using the $40,000 to provide added support to our Dad’s Program. The Dad’s Program allows for five dad’s to live in a house with their child while receiving drug and alcohol treatment. The Dad’s Program is a family style home where the dad’s and their children reside full time. During the day the dad’s attend Intensive Day Treatment while the children attend school or Willamette Family’s Child Development Center, depending on the child’s age. Willamette Family’s Intensive Day Treatment is comprised of 20 treatment hours a week provided by highly trained and qualified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. In the evening the dads take care of their child as well as maintain the house by cooking and cleaning. The dad’s learn about addiction and recovery while also learning valuable skills such as time management, how to be the primary parent, how to access resources in the community, and more. The men have access to a staff member at all times for support while they develop and grow into capable and confident dads. Thank you to the Great Rotary Raffle and the Rotary Clubs of Lane County for supporting this program and keeping dads with their children.

Partnership with the Eugene Municipal Court

Willamette Family Treatment Services (WFTS) is excited to share that we have partnered with the Eugene Municipal Court who is pioneering a City Community Court. The court is held every Friday at the city library in downtown Eugene. This innovative court is focused on providing individuals who meet the court’s criteria with the opportunity to engage needed behavioral health services, rather than traditional punitive sanctions.

As a Community Court Service Provider WFTS has a connection table set up at the court each week. Daniel Jenkins, our community court liaison, welcomes participants, processes their court documents, and engages them in the admissions process at our Rapid Access Center the same day as court. With over fifty years of experience working with behavioral health issues in Eugene and Lane County, Willamette Family is very proud to partner with our community providing accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse/addiction care for men, women, youth, and families that are struggling and willing to try a new way of life.