New Patient


Willamette Family recognizes that for each New Patient, every first step towards making the decision of getting the care that you need is different. Willamette Family is here to support you every step of the way. If you’re interested in services, please call our Rapid Access Center (RAC) at 541-762-4300 between the hours of 8 am - 8 pm Monday through Friday.  When you call, a Customer Services Representative will help you determine the next step and set you up with the support you will need during any transitions.



**(Please note, hours of operation are subject to change.)**
Our goal at Willamette Family, from the very beginning, is to assist in any way that we can to help you become successful in your goals.   

For information regarding costs, please see our “Affordable Care” page under the “We Care” tab.  

For further information regarding visiting hours for our residential programs, please see our “Visiting Hours” page under the “We Care” tab.

Are you entering our Women’s Residential Program?Click here – for a list of items to bring with you.

Are you entering our Men’s Residential Program?Click here – for a list of items to bring with you.

Here is some information that can be helpful for new patients:

  1. Are your facilities lock-down?  No. Clients are welcome to come and go as they please based on approval from treatment team and any referring agencies. At no time are clients locked in our building unless it is an emergency situation requiring a lock-down for safety.
  2. Are clients allowed to leave? Yes. At any time a client is allowed to leave the facility, again, if there are terms from the treatment team or referring agencies that have stipulated that this is not an option then after the client has chosen to leave proper persons will be contacted.
  3. How do I find out if a family member is attending treatment? If that client has a release of information for you, then we would be able to tell you specific things that the client would like released, unfortunately if the client has chosen not to sign a release of information for a family member or friend to know if they are in treatment or receiving services, then due to HIPPA guidelines we cannot confirm nor deny that a client is in our treatment services. Leaving a message for a client is always an option, staff can post it and if the person is receiving services they would be able to get the message.
  4. Who has access to my information while I’m in treatment? Willamette Family Treatment staff such as your treatment team, agency Quality Assurance clerks and billing specialists. Possibly more or less depending on what services you are enrolled in. Outside agencies, friends, families will have no access to your files due to HIPPA regulations unless you have a signed Release of Information allowing them to see/know specific things.
  5. I had an assessment a few months ago, can my counselor send this to request residential   treatment on my behalf? Assessments must be dated within the last 30 days. An assessment dated prior to this must include an update within the last 30 days.
  6. I’m out of county, but I want to access Willamette Family Residential, can I schedule an assessment with the RAC? If you are out of county, due to insurance, it is best to be assessed within your own county, sign a release of information with them to send it to our program via fax at (541) 762-0738 and then wait to be contacted to begin our services. If you are in need of finding a provider to get an assessment you can go to
  7. I want to refer a client to your program, how do I do that? For starters, please send over a valid assessment via fax at (541) 762-0738 with a Release of Information attached with a separate sheet listing the client’s contact information, their insurance information and any immediate information that our agency should have. Please note: the review process once the assessment has been received by the referring agency can take anywhere from 5-7 business days to review. When the review is complete, the referring agency and the client will be notified to let them know if they have been added to the waitlist.
  8. Once I have completed my assessment, if I qualify for residential should I have a bag ready to go? Not necessarily, every situation is different and each client’s situation is looked at very closely, typically the wait for residential services is 8-12 weeks. Staff have a list and call as openings become available.