Leadership Staff


Eva Williams, MA, CADC II, QMHP-C

Executive Director

Eva Williams (she/her) was appointed Executive Director in October 2021. In her role, she is responsible for the strategic direction, vision, growth, and performance of Willamette Family Behavioral Healthcare and Family Services.

As a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience, and the former Deputy Director for Willamette Family, Eva is known for her strategic perspective on managing emerging trends and the ever-changing culture of addiction.

Eva consistently strives to further establish Willamette Family as a leader in clinical innovation and comprehensive service delivery. Eva takes a vision and makes it a reality, and she intuitively sees opportunity and uses this advantage to strengthen treatment and recovery services. Her accomplishments include the planning and development of Williamette Family’s Rapid Access Center, Peer Support Services, and expanded outpatient services, including Medication Assisted Treatment. She was a significant contributor to four National Institute of Drug Abuse studies to advance addiction science and the application of new methods of treatment.

Eva holds a bachelor’s degree in social and behavioral studies from George Fox University, a master’s degree in addiction science with a co-occurring concentration from the University of South Dakota, and advanced certifications in substance use disorder and mental health counseling from the state of Oregon.

Eva is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and is incredibly passionate about equal and immediate access to service and supports for all who seek them.

Jonathan Smith

Chief Financial Officer

From an early age, Jonathan felt an incredible need to help other people, particularly those who may not be in a position to help themselves.

Jonathan currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of services for Willamette Family Inc. He brings 21 years of human services experience, 16 years combined experience with Willamette Family Inc. His career in treating substance use disorders began as support staff, progressed to becoming an outpatient counselor, then a residential counselor. All of this experience lead to his managerial and director level positions for several departments within the agency.

He has participated on many community initiatives to improve the quality of life for individuals living in Lane County. Initiatives that he worked on ranged from access to health care, fighting cancer, homelessness, and outreach to veterans. Having served in the Marine Corps, he has a passion for serving our veterans.


Edith Baumgart

Program Director Children & Family Services, Outpatient Behavioral Health Program (OPBH)

Edith Baumgart is the program director for two programs, Children and Family Services and the OPBH. Edith has been employed with Willamette Family since 1996, during her 25 years of employment she has held a wide variety of positions. Her experience and education covers all aspects of working with families affected by substance abuse, as well as, working with families involved with the child welfare system. In 2002 she completed her associate’s degree in chemical dependency counseling and became certified as a substance abuse counselor in 2003, she has maintained a focus on substance use disorders, this passion led her in January 2021 to accept the positon as the director of the outpatient behavioral health services program (OPBH).

Edith’s passion for working with families led her to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Oregon in Family Human Services with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development this has supported her strong focus on family preservation and reunification.

As a means to enhance the highest level of services possible, in 2020 Edith obtained her Master’s in Social Work with an emphasis on Behavioral Health Integrated Services. She is currently pursuing her licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), as a result of this focus she currently holds a (CSWA) Clinical Social Worker Associate.

Edith is highly committed to integrated services, unconditional positive regard, advocacy, and interdisciplinary services and has been recognized for her work in these areas. She was the recipient of the Kris Santin unconditional positive regard legacy award, the Micki Knuckles dedication to the mission award (2014), the Addiction Professional Award (2015) and the University of Oregon Community Impact Award (2017). Edith is an active member of the broader community as a member of the Oregon Department of Human Services advisory team, a longtime board member for Unity School and an ongoing participant with the Substance Effective Newborn Team. Edith recognizes the honor it is to work with those she has and looks forward to continued work in this field.


RAC/Health Clinic Program Director

Director of Client Services/Community Relations

Colleen started working at Willamette Family in 1992. Her experience covers multiple aspects of Substance Use Disorders with a special emphasis on whole-person care. Her passion for this work came from her own personal experiences dealing with a physical disability, addiction, and having been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 13. Her own personal challenges helped inspire her to fight and advocate for quality care for all.

In 1999 Colleen started her education at Lane Community College for Chemical Dependency Counselor with a special emphasis on Perinatal Chemical Dependency counseling skills. She completed that program and received her CADC-II in 2003.

Colleen’s favorite quote is by Mahatma Gandhi “You must be the change you wish to see in the world “. That is what she tries to bring to Willamette Family.


Trina Renfrow

Women's Residential Program Director

A part of the “family” for 24 years, Trina has served in the residential and outpatient counseling and support departments. Trina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Behavioral Studies from George Fox University.

She has participated in a number of NIDA Clinical Trials research projects and is currently holds the role of Director of Women’s Residential, and Administration. Trina is an advocate and a leader in the movement to create a cultural shift in substance use disorder treatment. She believes and evidence supports that increased awareness and availability of evidence-based treatment can dramatically improve quality of life, create societal benefit through increased workplace productivity and reduce taxpayer spending on criminal justice and health care.

Her particular interest in women’s treatment has led her to develop and present professional trainings on a wide variety of women’s specific clinical skills as well as process improvement, clinical supervision, psychoactive drugs and tobacco cessation. Universities, community colleges, and treatment centers throughout Oregon have acknowledged Trina’s contributions to the field.

Trina enjoys spending her leisure time with family and friends. She especially looks forward to quality time with her wife and children. She enjoys day trip adventures including hiking Oregon’s beautiful landscape, shopping local boutiques on the coastline, and visiting a variety of entertainment destinations. She also enjoys sports and few can match the enthusiasm, passion and loyalty of this NASCAR fan!


Brett Decker

Men's Residential Program Director

I have been with Willamette Family since 2008. I have held various positions during my tenure. I started as an outpatient counselor and after acquiring the experience hours became a clinical supervisor. As the agency evolved, I was given more responsibility. I became a site manager and eventually Director of the Men's Residential site.


Nicole Ormsbee, BA (She/her/hers)

Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) Director

Nikki started working at Willamette Family in September of 2014 in the Child Development Center. Nikki transitioned to different departments in the agency including Development, and Agency Administration. After being the Executive Assistant for the agency for almost two years she transitioned into the Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) Department. Currently Nikki is the PQI Director, serves as a member of the Executive Committee, and oversees the Compliance, and PQI Departments, which includes the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Program.

Nikki loves to spend time with family and friends and enjoying wonderful food and lively conversations. Nikki continues to explore new hobbies, currently she enjoys reading and learning how to craft with new materials. Nikki also loves traveling, among her favorite destinations include Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, New York, and Disneyland Anaheim. The next dream destination for Nikki is Scotland.

Nikki is passionate about providing a fair and equitable workforce for staff and supporting the fulfillment of the agency’s mission. Current initiatives include reviewing agency wellness with Gina Savage, Project Coordinator as well as investing in data to support performance improvement initiatives that increase the quality of services provided to individuals.


Arnel Alarcon, AA, BFA

Communication, Information & Development (CID) Director

Arnel was born and raised in the Philippines. Growing up in one of the main island’s rural area, he enjoyed spending his free time sitting on a bamboo bench by the window and sketching various characters for hours. He later moved to the city of Manila where he worked as a waiter, bartender, disk jockey, and part-time comic’s illustrator.

Prior to coming to the United States in 2000, he worked at Holland America Cruise Lines for 2 years as a bar steward. During this time, he had the opportunity to visit different countries and continents where he met different people and experienced different cultures and cuisines.

Arnel’s initial dream job was to become a movie director, but the probability of becoming one in the Philippines was very slim so he opted to become an Architect instead. He earned an AA Degree in Lane Community College majoring in Graphic Design. He later completed a BFA in Graphic Design at Oregon State University. Arnel has been a “family” member for almost 10 years and enjoys working with peers and clients creating many types of public information materials that utilize a combination of creative thinking processes and technology-driven products.


Lyn Marie East-Pecue, Licensed Practical Nurse

Director Health Services

Lyn Marie East-Pecue is a substance abuse Licensed Practical Nurse. She obtained her nursing license from a local community college, has been in the medical profession for over 20 years, and with Willamette Family for 10 years. Throughout her career, Lyn Marie has worked in a variety of healthcare settings and specialties, including hospitals, long-term care, gynecology, pediatrics, and urgent care settings. Lyn believes in focusing on the whole person when caring for her clients. She is passionate about providing quality care, and has had a lifelong desire to make a difference by taking part in the health of each individual she encounters in her work.

Lyn Marie is focused on creating and improving healthcare systems, processes and policies, and as a director, Lyn is known for her keen attention to detail and dedication to ensuring the best possible outcomes for everything she manages. Lyn is exceptional in her commitment to the leadership, training and mentorship of her entire staff. In addition to her career in nursing, Lyn Marie is the mother of three sons, an avid reader, and an experienced equestrian.


Tabitha Croy CPS, QMHA-R, CADC II

Associate Director of the Rapid Access Center and Client Services

Tabitha has worked in Substance Use Disorder Treatment since 2005 and joined Willamette Family in 2014. She holds a CADC II as well as being a Certified Prevention Specialist. Tabitha began her work at Willamette Family as an assessment counselor and eventually moved to clinical supervisor followed by program manager of the Rapid Access Center.

She now acts as Associate Director of Rapid Access Center and Client Services.


Gina Savage

Project Coordinator

Gina started her work at Willamette Family in the Child Development Center in 2018. Since then, she has moved to administrative work before stepping into her position as Project Coordinator. Gina supports the Leadership Team and the agency in coordinating agency-wide initiatives, cross-departmental teams, and performance and quality improvement activities.

Gina is currently attending Oregon State University for a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with a minor in Spanish, and is expected to graduate in 2022. Within human service work, she is passionate about the way community and state systems support individuals, children, and families. During her leisure time, Gina enjoys gardening, trying out new hobbies and projects, and spending time with her family.

Gina started her work at Willamette Family in the Child Development Center in 2018. Since then, she has moved administrative work before stepping into her position as Project Coordinator. Gina supports the Leadership Team and the agency in coordinating agency-wide initiatives, cross-departmental teams, and performance and quality improvement activities.


Laura Jacobsen

Director of Facilities

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