Annual Report 2018


Leading the Way

Willamette Family is once again leading the way in providing integrated behavioral and physical healthcare to individuals struggling with addiction and mental health conditions. When we opened our Health Clinic in 2015, we became one of the first treatment centers in the nation to recognize and to treat the “whole person” by providing integrated healthcare. This means that a person who comes to Willamette Family for help with alcohol or drug abuse, can also receive mental health counseling and primary medical care as part of their treatment plan. And, as we’ve learned, a significant percentage of these same folks had untreated physical health conditions including diabetes, COPD, hepatitis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and skin conditions. By “treating the whole person”, all of these issues can receive the treatment needed and the outcomes are greatly improved.

This year, we took the next step in providing integrated care by establishing a multi-disciplinary Care Team model in our Women’s Residential Treatment Program. These Care Teams are transforming residential treatment into a complex care system that offers substance abuse and mental health treatment, medical care, family interventionists, parent coaches, peer support and housing while the woman lives our residential treatment center. Care Coordinators assist in organizing team members at the facility. Our most recent addition to the Care Team is the inclusion of dental/oral health care screenings.

These teams have greatly enhanced treatment and recovery. To be able to quantify these results, we established a Performance Quality Improvement Team this year to closely monitor the effectiveness of these new efforts and to make necessary adjustments if needed. We plan to use these results to expand the Care Team Model to all of our programs.

2018 Progress Overview

What we do works...

For over 50 years, Willamette Family has been driven to find ways to meet the needs of those we serve. Over the years, our delivery of service has evolved so we can continuously respond to the changing needs of our community. We have not wavered from our mission to provide health, wellness and recovery services in each and every one of our programs. Our continuous review process to assess the effectiveness of our programs, our motivation to seek out new and promising practices and our work with research organizations has allowed us to develop, validate and refine new strategies. At Willamette Family, there is no wrong door, as individuals and families can access our programs from many different directions.

Working with clients who have struggled in life can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. It’s heartbreaking to see an individual who is in considerable pain and who feels helpless and on the verge of giving up hope of being able to change his or her life. My job is to help them understand that addiction is an illness and that it can be treated with interventions and holistic approaches. I had experience where a client came to me privately after 3 weeks into the program and thanked me for presenting all the information that changed his outlook in life. It makes me feel good and proud when I see a completely transformed client at the end of his/her program. This is one of the reasons that I do I what do.

I grew up in home where emotions were not something you showed, there was drug use so I just kind of follow that path. For the last several years, I’ve been addicted to illegal substance. I’ve had a couple of years of sobriety but it felt it was just pushed on me so it did not really last. When I was sober I gained so much but when I had a relapse, everything was gone in a matter of four months. When my fiancée decided to seek treatment at Willamette Family, I decided to follow her because I did not want to lose her. I want my family back, I want my peace of mind back and I want my life back.

My name is Danny and my clean date is Sept. 3, 2018. I now live in an apartment with my fiancée and my kid and I’m looking forward to all the new things in life, all the wonderful things with my loved ones with me. And to be able to have the confidence to apply for a job that I did not think I’m worth and getting it…it is really a wonderful thing.