Annual Report 2019


55 Years of Service... Where We Were.

This year, we celebrate another milestone anniversary! For 55 years, Willamette Family has provided essential treatment, care and recovery support for individuals and their families in our community. Starting with our Founders, George and Honey Buckley, who opened their home to alcoholics needing a safe place to be while they started their journey to recovery, right up to today as we provide a full continuum of Substance Use Disorder treatment services, mental health care, primary medical and psychiatric provider medical care at our health clinic, family services, peer support, treatment housing, a Five Star Child Development Center, gender-specific residential treatment that allows moms to live with their child in lieu of foster care while she attends treatment, and a Dad’s program that provides treatment, parent education, and co- residency for children to live with their fathers.

In my 15 years with Willamette Family, I’ve seen incredible changes in the evolving needs of the individuals we serve as well as changes in our community. Our focus has been to increase excellence of services, to provide holistic treatment and care, to reduce the barriers that prevent access to treatment and recovery, and to be part of our community safety net. I’m so proud of our staff who have responded to these challenges with passion and dedication. I’ve learned that the wisdom of those we serve is essential to our efforts, and that we are blessed with a Board of Directors who share this mission.

We know that changes will continue and that the needs of the individuals we serve will become more complex. As we have for 55 years, Willamette Family will continue to provide care and treatment to all who seek our help as well as to work with community partners to build a stronger network of services.

2019 Progress Overview

What we do works...

External Changes:
For over 50 years, Willamette Family has been driven to find ways to meet the needs of those we serve. Over the years, our delivery of service has evolved so we can continuously respond to the changing needs of our community. We have not wavered from our mission to provide health, wellness and recovery services in each and every one of our programs. Our continuous review process to assess the effectiveness of our programs, our motivation to seek out new and promising practices and our work with research organizations has allowed us to develop, validate and refine new strategies. At Willamette Family, there is no wrong door, as individuals and families can access our programs from many different directions.

Client Voice:
The most important partner we have is our relationship with those we serve. Their lived experience and recommendations help guide our practice. As such, we developed our Client Advisory Council that meet monthly with us to identify areas to strengthen, support improved practice, and to empower our clients to know that their voice is heard and acted upon. Along with the Willamette Family Alumni Association, several clients and staff made two trips to Salem to meet with Legislators to advocate and share their stories about how their lives were saved by having treatment available. We are quite proud that a member of the Client Advisory Council was has now joined our Board of Directors!

Removing Barriers:
Struggling with addiction and mental health issues while also being homeless, without resources, and dealing with the urgency of day-to-day existence is made more difficult because of barriers. Early recovery is a fragile state, and making this path as smooth and gentle as possible, increases the likelihood that they can be successful. For example, our health clinic provides specialty medical care to individuals with behavioral health conditions and who frequently cannot access primary care in the community because of these conditions. We remove that barrier. We provide transportation services and recently purchased a new van so that parents are able to get on our van with their child and be able to attend their next appointment without a hassle can be live-changing. Our peer support workers have “walked in their shoes” and offer incredible support and connections to community resources to help sustain recovery.

Literally thousands of individuals and families have been served over these past 55 years. We are proud of that accomplishment and are challenged to continue to respond to changing needs and provide the highest quality of care.