Annual Report 2022


Executive Director's Report

Dear Friends,

As we enter into our 59th year of service to our community, I am proud to share that our constant has been the dedication of our Board and personnel to providing the highest quality of care in everything they do. Their commitment to honoring our Core Values of Respect, Compassion, Well-being, Hope, and Family is equally impressive. I see these values put into practice daily by counselors, teachers, support staff, peers, managers, and many others. I can genuinely say that the individuals and families in the community we serve receive the highest quality of care in the warmest, most welcoming environment when they walk through our doors.

What a difference a year makes!

Willamette Family emerged from the COVID pandemic state of emergency even stronger than before in our ability to adapt rapidly to a variety of challenges. Throughout it all, the health and safety of our personnel, and our patients and their families remain top priority. 2022 is best described as a period of planning and continued growth. Willamette Family continues to innovate, expand and improve while remaining grounded in the belief that recovery is possible for everyone. We are elevating our residential and intensive day treatment licensure and capacity to serve individuals and families with co-occurring disorders. We continue to invest in our personnel, growing our workforce, and providing onsite education, training, mentorship, and growth opportunities through our Counselor and Early Childhood Education Teacher Learning Academies. In turn, this supports our efforts to serve the many families in our community in need.

I am so fortunate to be in a position supported by a team of the most highly skilled, committed, and passionate staff and supporters one can hope for.

Eva Williams

2021 Progress Overview

His name is Roland, and his clean date is November 19, 2022

As a 17-year-old, Roland knew that drugs were bad, but curiosity got the best of him, and he decided that he would like to try them “just once” because he believed he would never become addicted. But he was tragically wrong. He quickly began trying other drugs to get high, and as his addiction grew, he turned to the streets to find drugs and the people who could sell them to him. As long as he had enough drugs and alcohol, he didn’t care what anyone else was going through. He was in a downward spiral that had a deadly destination.

He reached the bottom when his wife told him that she was going to divorce him if he didn’t change. Somehow, in spite of his addiction, he realized that he was about to lose everything that mattered to him if he didn’t get help. When he realized that he was about to lose them, he made the courageous decision to turn around his life. For Roland, “the biggest challenge was having the willingness to want to change everything…walking through those doors is a scary feeling… not knowing what’s going to happen when you leave the dark place of addiction.” But he was ready to try. He had heard of Willamette Family and decided to reach out and take a chance.

From the beginning, Roland felt welcomed and accepted. He found a brotherhood with others who had walked in his shoes, who were there to help him, and who really cared about him. He remembered that many of his friends had received treatment at Willamette Family and had told him that it had changed their lives. He also wanted that for himself.

Today, Roland feels incredibly blessed with his life. He completed his residential treatment and continues to attend classes through Willamette Family and go to weekly meetings. He has a job and a home…but most importantly, he has his beautiful wife and family with him! “I wake up in the morning and am so blessed with everything that I have…my beautiful wife and children…it’s amazing! It wouldn’t be this way without Willamette Family!”